My world has always felt different. As a child I was shy, withdrawn. It's hard to play the fit in game when you know deep down that you don't.

Sunday, 19 November 2017


Almost asleep and I felt like I had to opening my eyes.
Standing on the bed looking at me was, what looked like at least, a cat.
Shocked & now fully away, the split  second I saw it I blinked.
Then in that split second it went from the bed to the chair in the room.
Just standing on the head rest. When I blinked again in was gone.
It was very close to me and standing just like the cat in this picture.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lazy Bones.

My partner got up early and I stayed in bed.
After a while I felt someone walk in and stand at the foot of the bed. 
At first I kept my eyes shut.
When they spoke it sounded like my partner, but he spoke about himself in a 3rd person view.
Telling me I should not leave him alone by sleeping in, its not nice.
Then I realised that where this person was standing is not really where anyone who walked in would stand to talk to me normally.
The foot of the bed was no where near the door.
I slightly opened my eye, expecting to see nothing, and saw a black figure walking away.
After this I took his advice and got out of bed.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shadow Hand.

I'd like to start by saying that I am sorry that I have not been posting in a long while. 
I just tend to get caught up in things and forget random stuff.

But of course this doesn't mean that things have stopped.

About a month ago now. I was alone in the apartment when I looked up and saw a long black shadow arm coming from out the bedroom. 
It was at the bottom of the door and its hand was almost 20cm wide with really long fingers.
I got the impression that it was reaching for something.  

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Old Photos

The other day i started to rub my eyes and saw what looked like an old photo of a woman smiling. 
I stopped and looked around the room, everything was normal.
my eyes still itched so I closed them again and started to rub them.
Once again I saw what looked like an old photo but his time it was a little girl posing on the steps of a big building. 
She had a white fluffy hat and a red coat. it was hard to make out but it seem like her coat might have had white fluffy stuff on too and maybe her shoes.

The Elevator

About 11 years ago, me and my sister were on a family holiday on the Canary Islands.
The holiday  hotel we were staing at had a lift that we used alot to go from our floor to the ground floor.
One time me and my sister got on and push the ground floor button. The lift went down as always. 
Like many people we watched the numbers light up. Then the ground floor, but it didn't stop.
Next thing we know we come to a halt, the doors open and the lights say "basement".
We waited a few seconds. no one got on. The view was of  tube lighting and laundry carts. We stood there looking at each other waited for the doors to shut.. but nothing
Some how my sister plucked up the nerve to peek her head out. She pulls her head back in and tells me no one is there and its a long hallway.
As soon as she said this, the doors shut and we went up to the ground floor.

The basement button needed a key to go to that floor, meaning the only other way is if someone had pushed the button while being on the basement floor.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hand Print & Flashes

Last night I was sitting on the bed stroking our dog. When I looked at the door I saw the out line of a hand print on the corner. It only lasted a second.

Lately I seem to be seeing a lot of random things that only last a nano second. People looking at me, standing in corners & a few black figures. 
As of yet I can't tell if its the same person or not because of the short amount of time it is there.

This could be getting interesting to say the least. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Whispers of the Night

When I was in my teens I think is when I started noticing it the most. About once every week or so I would hear someone talking to someone else.
(Now that house is away from town and is at the edge of the town itself, in other words 5mins walk took you into a field or a forest.)

Anyway, it was hard to make out what they were saying and I would make out words but I could never figure out what the whole conversation was about.
What I could make out sometimes was scary to say the least.

The amount of time I heard it said in different was.... normally it was along the lines of

"Do you think she is asleep yet"

Some times I would hear a faint voice tell them "No, not yet"
Or even "shhh, she'll hear you"

I know the main peraon I could hear was the man, but the person replying was always to faint to catch who it was. Maybe he was talking to the kid, but I think the one telling him to 'shhh' was the girl.